Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Taoist Art of Weight Loss

How can a Taoist help you lose weight?!

What is this madness, how can a Taoist help me lose weight! I thought all Taoist’s live in a monastery on nuts and berries? You don’t want really expect me to live off nuts and berries, just so I can lose 20 pounds do you?


No, I don’t suggest that you go and make such a drastic change to you nutritional habits, although many ‘health’ gurus out there do expect that sort of a change and they will throw every bit of Scientific Research at you they can find to justify their new book or DVD.

Today everything is put into two categories ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’. We have Good people, and we have Bad people, we have Good fats and we have Bad fats. Back in the days of the Taoist things were a lot more simple, the Taoist knew that to lead a healthy and happy life he had to live in harmony with nature.

So what does it mean to live in harmony with nature?

Well before you say it, No you don’t have to sell your house and build a hut in the middle of some forest. Nature or Gaia has given us everything we need to live a healthy life, but we have forgotten how to listen to Gaia. Today, Gaia’s richness has been replaced with the super sized Big Mac meal and the 3 Gallon diet coke for only a few cents extra! Well, forgive me if I am wrong but MSG and Aspartame are not natural products, hence they are totally against everything that Gaia stands for.

The junk food industry is against everything that the Taoist lives for, they do not teach people how to be responsible for what they consume, they do not make people aware of what people are consuming in their ‘Restaurants’.

So what does a Taoist suggest to help me lose a few pounds?

Well the key word here is simplicity, by simplicity I am mean Natural. Each time you eat something ask yourself this question, is what I am consuming Natural and Organic? One brief check of the ingredients and you can tell instantly if it is natural.

I will be talking about Nutrition in more detail in coming posts, actually I have a nutritional plan that I think a lot of people will enjoy and it’s very natural.